Strictly Ballroom, theatre review, London

Strictly Ballroom is a dazzling, sequined, joyous, life-affirming bundle of unadulterated pleasure and utter joy.  It is a perfect antidote to all of life’s ails, it should be available on the NHS to those feeling blue.

To say that I love this doesn’t even come close. It is one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen, EVER. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen, full stop.  Growing up, this one of my sister and I’s favourite movies, the Pasa Doble scene, in particular, etched into my brain.  There was every possibility it just wouldn’t live up but, Oh My God, it does and more.  Will Young must think he has died and gone to heaven, in a role that could have been written for him, as compere to the whole show, resplendent in sequins.  He has an amazing soundtrack, including Love Is In The Air and  Time after Time.

I had forgotten quite how funny and tragic this story is. The set, the costumes, the accents, the music, the dancing are all stunning.  Fernando Mira’s Pasa Doble made my hairs stand on end. Utterly magical.

When we left the theatre, we were overwhelmed by emotion. People around us were dancing in the street, yes really, it really is that incredible.

Go and book your tickets now, this is quite simply a must see. I’ve already booked to go again.

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