Breakfast at Dishoom

I finally made it to Dishoom for breakfast. Nic and I celebrated the end of my alcohol abstention with a trip to the lovely new Curzon, Aldgate to see Trainspotting 2. The new Curzon is brilliantly close to the house and it’s really quite lovely. We shared a sofa and, drinking wine, we watched the film. It was grown up and wonderful. Neither of us could quite believe that it was 20 years since the original, how our lives had changed since then. 

The film was brilliant. I had read a couple of not so great reviews so didn’t have high hopes but we both loved it and almost choked on our bevvy through laughing too hard. 

The next morning, child free, I let Nic enjoy a long lie while I blasted out a quick weights and hit session.

Afterwards, we wandered up a quiet Brick Lane to Dishoom. Unlike dinner, breakfast can be booked in advance and although I couldn’t get a table online, I felt confident we’d not have to wait too long, being there around 10.

We were seated straight away, with a choice of the verandah or inside. We opted for inside, as it was a little chilly. The breakfast menu was much more extensive than I had expected and this, initially, distracted me from my purpose, the bacon nan. 

A child of Glasgow, I grew up on nan breads the size of small countries, both chewy and blackened. And I love all bread. This breakfast is the stuff of legends, I needed to eat it. I considered some other options but stuck to my guns and went with the bacon nan. Nic opting for Kejriwal, two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast, meant I could still try something else. It was very good but that’s not what we are here to talk about.

I can say, hand on heart, the bacon nan is one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. Seetal of Savla Faire said to me, as soon as you finish, you want to order another. And this is entirely true, you never want it to end.  

The nan is soft, spread with cream cheese, and filled with Ginger Pig smoked streaky bacon that is cured in Demerara sugar; it is sweet and fatty and meaty. On the side, is sweet tomato chutney with a warming hint of chilli.

You have to try this, you need this is your life. Oh my god, I want one right now!
Disclaimer. I take no responsibility for any urges you develop to eat these as often as possible. 😉 

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