Chamber of Flavours 2.0, shhh it’s a secret.

Last night I became an alumni of the Chamber of Flavours and this, sadly, means I can’t really say much at all about what happened.
What I can tell you is this. E and I were like children on Christmas Eve, waiting to receive our location for the night’s adventures. When it came, our excitement stepped up to the unbearable level.

In case you are completely lost, let me fill you in. Chamber of Flavours 2.0, comes from the team behind the GingerLine, the pop up supper club that can be found anywhere along the London overground and whose location is only revealed on the night you attend. 

Chamber of Flavours is my idea of a dream come true, great food and immersive theatre all rolled into one. Tickets sell out immediately. The website currently says the next realise of tickets is in 23 days and 13 hours. I urge you to mark this in your diary and make sure you have a pretend meeting booked so you can be sure you are online to get tickets.

What can I tell you? It’s great fun, there is a simple dress code and I urge you get involved. Go on, suspend disbelief. You will enter the machine and travel through five different dimensions, enjoying dinner as you go. The cocktails are very good, the food was good. I loved it, I would do it again immediately. Do whatever it takes to get a ticket, you won’t regret it.

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