The Grift, immersive theatre, Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel  

Do you think you’ve got what it’s take to pull off a long con? If so this immersive theatre piece set in Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel might be just the way to find out.

Set around a very loose story of Ben, a chap now departed who was born and spent his life at the hotel, you set off in your team to solve five timed tasks, each followed by a con. It’s quite good fun, but would benefit from stronger story line and route round the hotel. We double back and round many times. Some of the characters we meet on our journey are significantly better than others. There doesn’t appear to be any consequences to not solving the task or going over the time, although I’d like to make clear we bossed them all.

The finale brings all the teams together for a slightly lack lustre ending. At £50 a head for an hour and 45 minutes, it needs to try a bit harder.

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