Tootoomoo bottomless brunch 

On Saturday, I headed to Islington to try the bottomless brunch at the newest branch of Tootoomoo.
Tootoomoo is described as a pan Asian restaurant. I am never sure if it’s truly possible to excel at many things and so was interested to try the food on offer. We arrived at 12.20 and the restaurant was packed. Grabbing the last three seats, we sat at the counter by the entrance. As everyone had arrived at around the same time, service was slow and we ended up going to get menus ourselves. Once we had these, we ordered one of everything on the brunch menu. At £25 for food and £35 with drinks, including two cocktails, it’s extremely good value.

LL had the mojito, I went for the Cinderella, a very refreshing mocktail of orange, pineapple, cranberry, grenadine and soda water. Drinks took a while but, as it was an opening, we understood. The food came at a great pace, giving us time and space to try each dish before the next appeared. 
We started with the excellent Shichimi Squid, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The squid was very thin, light and crispy. The sauce not overly sweet.
Next came sushi, one cucumber and one salmon and avocado.

We all loved the chicken satay, incredibly succulent chicken and a very good satay sauce, we ordered more. This was a close contender for my hero dish.
The best dish for me was the duck and watermelon salad. The duck was extremely crispy and contrasted well with the watermelon. I loved the addition of cashews. This could be a hero dish but I felt the hoisin sauce was a little heavy and the melon got drowned out in it, partly because there was too much and, perhaps, the melon could have been riper, more flavoursome.
Szechuan Chilli Beef had generous chunks of soft beef and a nice mix of veggies.
While the girls loved the Thai green, I didn’t enjoy it.  It was very thick, overly sweet and missing key ingredients like the sweet basil, chillies or lime leaves. It wasn’t helped by extremely undercooked veg. 
I finished with some pistachio frozen yoghurt which was rich and delicious and,hopefully, practically a health food, because I get a lot of yoghurt on the Lean in 15 meal plan.

The food, on the whole, was pretty good. They offer tasting menus you can build yourself, letting you try lots of dishes and that’s a great idea with a menu like this. The service wasn’t great, we asked four times for water before it arrived. I know it was busy but,hopefully, it will be busy all the time. On the bottomless brunch, drinks have to finished before you order another. I have no problem with that but then you need to be able to order without waiting 20 minutes. They also need to be better at clearing empty dishes and making sure you get all your order, we didn’t get the salmon but had to leave by the time .When we could get them, the staff who looked after us were friendly and, to be fair, we did have the worst seats in the house, making it hard to get their attention.

I couldn’t see how long the bottomless brunch lasts but I’m guessing two hours, so it’s a great deal. 

If I was in the area, I’d definitely go back and try it again, especially once I’m back on the cocktails. 
I went to this brunch as a Just Opened member.

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