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Fawlty Towers Immersive Dining Experience 

My sister and I used to love watching Fawlty Towers, we’d savour each episode and wait impatiently for the next. There were only two series of six episodes made and perhaps this is why it we remember it so fondly.

On the morning of my birthday I opened an envelop that contained two tickets to the Fawlty Towers dining experience. I was stunned. The combination of eating and immersive theatre are the things my dreams are made of, not so Mr Gosling, hence my surprise.
On arrival at the Alba hotel in Charing Cross we wondered if the experienced had started when we ordered drinks at the bar, I’m pretty sure it hadn’t. They couldn’t take credit cards, or didn’t think so, I was given lemon not lime, still not sparkling, it went on.
After about 30 minutes the bar was busy and I’d estimate the average age at about 60, despite it being my birthday I was feeling pretty young. We were joined first by Manuel, then Basil and Sybil and so it began.
We were allocated our tables and as we made our way to them, we were told off for a variety of things.I don’t want to give too much away. The food was pretty awful and so was the service, the latter was definitely part of the show.

Many of the classic moments from the series are replayed, Manuel’s pet hamster, the Germans, the drunk chef. The actors portray the characters brilliantly. If you love the programme, you will love this evening, your jaws will ache from laughing, but you might leave hungry.

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