Surprise visits and Dinerama

My plans for the weekend were zero, and I’ll be honest this excited me no end. This blissful emptiness, however, was not to be and for the very best of reasons; two of my best friends independently decided to pay me a visit.

A and I wanted to make the most of the sunshine but couldn’t quite face wandering round endlessly looking for a seat outside and as is normally the case we were both hungry so Dinerama run by the lovely people at Street Feast seemed like the perfect solution.

I love this space and late afternoon is a great time to visit before it gets to be crazy busy at night. We started with some pints of cocktails, as one does and a good old catch up putting the world to rights while enjoying some sunshine. A then surprised me with a frame picture of us from our San Fran trip last Thanksgiving. If I wasn’t emotional before I certainly was now so we decided to distract ourselves with food and more drinks.

We started with Yum Bun quite simply because I love those soft fluffy Japanese buns and miss the fact they are no longer round the corner from the office. We both went for the soft, succulent pork belly with hoi sin sauce perfectly balanced with clean fresh cucumber and spring onions.

Resisting, although only just, more pork we tried Farangs fish balls. Because of their shape, they have more of the crispy, well fired-bits I love and for that reason,  I thought they were better than your standard fish cake simply.
Over some interesting beers, we debated what to eat next and after watching other people eating and questioning them on their choice we headed to Smokestak, and it was the right choice. The thick cut pork is a giant rib that just pulls off the bone, packed with flavour, very messy and totally worth it.

Despite the promise of endless free Prosecco at a party I headed home.  Tomorrow, unbeknown to me at the time, held the promise of a very exciting food adventure.

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