Making food friends at la Vida 

I’m just back from visiting some friends in Malta, it’s my first time there on an actual real holiday, not work. I really love Malta, perhaps largely because I didn’t expect to many years ago when I first went. It’s beautiful, full of history, and yes it has some great food. N took me to La Vida which is run by her friends Dave and Elaine, I didn’t know at the time but that night is one I think could be life changing, I know so dramatic!
La Vida has only been open five weeks and by no means is it perfect but Dave and Elaine are passionate foodies and just lovely people. They also have a very talented young chef in the kitchen and  if they could just get some staff who could engage with their daily changing menu they’d be winning.

La Vida is a tapas bar but some the dishes are huge by tapas standards.

It’ll come as no surprise that I ate here more than once and was lucky enough to be a taste tester on anything new coming out of the kitchen, the sacrifices I make for the love of food.

So in no particular order here are some of the things I ate. The most incredible fresh tuna ceviche, also incredibly cheap as it was a bigger than a tapas style portion. The flavours in this dish danced in my mouth and just made me smile, perfection.

The grilled pulpo (octopus) was so simple but perfectly cooked with a beautiful smokey charred flavour.

The ribs, sweet, tender, sticky.

The prawn croquettes, packed with prawns sweet and succulent with a beautiful crispy outside.
Finally the dessert of chocolate caramel pot, oh so good.
I ate lots of other things here and they were all good. Oh, I must not forget the empanadas or actually the aubergine fries with honey or the spinach and mushroom quesadilla. It’s fair to say I made some friends for life and will be back on my next trip.
If you are in Malta be sure to go in, if nothing else to share your love of food but I defy you to leave without trying at least one little empanada. 

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